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Capjari single bottle Red



Capjari single bottle Red

CAPJARIGin "Limited Edition" is a Universal Gin, very versatile and innovative, one of a kind. It is a gin created ad-hoc to be tasted neat, surprising if drunk in martini cocktails, preferably "naked", and it is excellent as a gin and tonic, to be combined with dry and high quality tonics.

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Capjari is a Premium Double Distilled Dry Gin, produced by 11 botanicals, almost all Italian: the juniper is infused and distilled individually to enhance its aromas and scents, the other 10 botanicals (including the Tuscan iris and the long Java pepper) are individually subjected to a long infusion process. Everything is then skilfully mixed and redistilled once more in a copper still to ensure optimal extraction of all flavors and aromas.
Among the herbs, plants and spices used for processing, in addition to juniper, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, licorice, citrus peel, cloves, iris root (Tuscan orris) stand out. and the special Java long pepper.

Capjari Gin “Limited Edition” is the development in terms of name and brand of a first distillate called ELECTRA GIN, which has garnered considerable success from critics and consumers in just one year of distribution. TS SPIRITS is a new Italian producer who would like to enclose Tradition, Innovation and alchemical study of ingredients and this noble distillate within the same project: a universal Gin.
CAPJARI Gin is a Premium distillate with an innovative formulation, in which the choice of botanicals has been particularly cared for, in order to give the Gin a classic profile, but characterized by a touch of originality and remarkable expressive finesse.

Drank neat

the nose has an intense and velvety approach. In addition to juniper, prevalent but not too much, coriander, anise and then ginger, sweet licorice, citrus puffs (orange, mandarin) emerge. In the mouth it shows an agile and flowing drink, with clear memories of juniper, a good intensity and medium persistence, with an aromatic and spicy finish of pepper.
juniper is not the dominant botanical, but is toned down by other botanicals, citrus fruits, sweet and exotic spices). Final of good intensity and persistence.

Tasted in a Gin Tonic cocktail“CAPJARI Tonic” :

on the nose delicate and balsamic aromas of juniper and aromatic herbs. In the mouth the sip is linear, smooth, it has a nice nose-mouth coherence. The "classic" style of gin goes well. The amalgam is very particular, the "modern" style of the gin emerges, designed for cocktails of greater complexity than Gin and tonic, for example for classic or revisited Martini Cocktails.

Color: Transparent and brilliant.

Perfume: The nose has an intense and velvety approach. Notes of juniper and iris, pepper and lemongrass.

Taste:Its aromatic profile is soft and very balanced, with excellent sharpness.
Despite its "Universality" retains personality and character.

Alcohol content: 41.5% Alc

Bottle: 0.7 L (6 bottles per pack)

Download the technical sheet:

Waste sorting

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GL70 bottle

LDPE cap 4

Capsules C/PVC 90

Distilled and bottled

by Magnoberta Distillery, Strada Asti, 6 Casale Monferrato - Italy
C.A. IT00ALA00023T
for and on behalf of TS

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